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Grain Thresher

Pearl millet is a nutritious cereal grain that grows in some of Africa's most famine-prone regions, producing reliable yields in dry, hot climates with poor soil quality. Though pearl millet is a major source of nutrition for the rural poor, its production and market potential are limited by inefficient and labor-intensive traditional processing methods.

Our thresher was invented to help smallholder farmers—women in particular—increase their yields of pearl millet grain while minimizing their drudgery. The hand-operated tool is rugged, simple, and produces kilos of clean, high-quality grain in minutes. The thresher can be owned collectively by cooperatives, by individual households, or by businesses, who can process their grain at their convenience and use it for local consumption, store it, or sell it at local markets.

CTI’s thresher strips, threshes, and winnows grain in a process that:

  • Produces high-quality, clean grain free of dirt and debris
  • Produces grain much faster than traditional methods
  • Reduces food waste that occurs with traditional processing methods
Next Steps

Manufacturing: CTI is working with a manufacturer in Senegal to establish local production of high-quality threshers. In addition, local artisans across Senegal are being trained to provide troubleshooting support to clients in their regions.

Distribution: CTI is working with Senegalese farmers' networks and extension agencies to introduce the thresher and train farmers to use the technologies and generate income through the sale of high-quality grain and seed.