Can you help solve my post-harvest food processing challenge in [country X]?

We are always interested in solving new challenges and welcome your questions. You can email us at with the specifics and we will be in contact with you about how we can help.

How do your devices get to the people who need them?

We deliver technologies through collaborations with individuals and other organizations. When possible, we have our devices manufactured in the developing world. It cuts down on freight costs, and generates employment in the community. Our grinders can be purchased by emailing or calling uswe ship internationally. They even get through airport security! Other tools can be built by you, with instructions from us. Visit our technologies page to learn more about our catalogue of current and emerging devices.

Who pays for the devices?

Our devices are sponsored by individuals, community groups, churches, other organizations, academic institutions. They are generally purchased in conjunction with a specific project. Sometimes, the devices are given on loan and ultimately purchased by their end users—communities in poor regions of developing countries. Gifts from donors fund research and development costs associated with engineering the devices.

Can you come to my community group/church/school to talk about CTI?

We’d love to share CTI with your community. Contact us with details to set up a time for us to share.

Can I or my group come to CTI?

Yes! We welcome visiting groups (with advance notice) to come and hear about CTI and tour our shop. Periodically, we welcome groups (with persons over 16 years of age) to assemble grinders in our shop. It’s a great experience and, if you choose, we will send you notification when the grinder you assembled is shipped overseas! Contact us at to learn more.

Does CTI have a religious affiliation?

No, and CTI works with anyone who is interested in serving the poor and marginalized around the world, regardless of their religion.

How do I order a CTI Device?

Send an e-mail to and describe your request.

How do I get replacement parts?

Send an e-mail to and describe your request.