Breadfruit Flour: A sustainable, local solution to hunger in Haitibreadfruit bakery

A new set of tools unlocks the potential of one of Haiti's most promising underutilized food crops.

The past few years have been incredibly challenging for families in Haiti. Even before the devastating 2010 earthquake, Haiti suffered from severe poverty and imported the majority of its food. In rural communities, where agriculture should thrive, families spend almost 60 percent of their income on food, with some spending more than 70 percent.

Rebuilding Haiti starts with restoring the country's ability to produce its own food.

CTI and our team of diverse organizations are joining with community groups in Haiti to help the country begin to take advantage of a badly underutilized local food source: breadfruit.

Breadfruit Bowl


Breadfruit is a high-carbohydrate fruit that thrives in Haiti. It's an extremely high-yielding crop; a single breadfruit tree can grow 200 or more 1-2 kg fruits each season. Breadfruit has long been recognized for its potential to alleviate hunger, but because it rots just days after ripening, most breadfruit spoils before families can eat it.

CTI has developed an economical, reliable, village-level method of preserving breadfruit by processing it into nutritious flour.

Our new breadfruit tools—which include a shredder, dryer, and grinder—will give poor, rural communities an opportunity to earn money producing breadfruit flour. The gluten-free flour can be used in cakes, cookies and other products, and because breadfruit flour costs far less than imported wheat, small enterprises have a strong incentive to take advantage of this new resource.

We are seeking partners in Haiti who would like the opportunity to create micro-enterpises and improve their nutrition with breadfruit.

This year, we will help Haitians open Palmares, a breadfruit bakery in Port-au-Prince. Women will sell products made from breadfruit flour provided by community enterprises in rural Haiti. The bakery is being funded by the Fetzer Institute, which awarded a gift in support of the program to CTI Board Member and Program Manager, Dr. Camille George. With help from our collaborators and partners in Haiti, we will show "field to fork" proof that breadfruit can be harvested, transformed into flour, and processed into delicious and nutritious food products.



Breadfruit Tools
A set of manually-operated tools that rural villagers can use to preserve fresh breadfruit as gluten-free flour.

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