ProgramsThrough our programs, we help small farmers use our technologies to improve their livelihoods. In addition to the communities we partner with, we collaborate with individuals,  nonprofits, and universities; particularly those that have well-established relationships with locals. 

Together, we help badly under-served poor communities: struggling rural farmers, women’s groups, and girls. We help them:

  • Gain an education
  • Improve their nutrition
  • Increase their harvest
  • Drink safe water
  • Become entrepreneurs

NicaraguaEmpowering Nicaragua with safe water
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SenegalIncreasing grain yields in Senegal
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Breadfruit Flour: A sustainable, local solution to hunger in Haiti
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GroundnutsImproving groundnut production and child nutrition in Malawi and Tanzania
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PepperEaterChanging the lives of Ethiopian women with the Pepper Eater
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