Breadfruit Shredder

Breadfruit Tools 

Breadfruit is an underutilized food-crop that grows in abundance in many tropical nations that struggle with malnutrition, including Haiti, the Philippines and India. It's high in carbohydrates, very high-yielding and requires few agricultural inputs.

But there's just one problem preventing breadfruit from feeding the hungry:

fresh breadfruit rots within days of ripening.

Because breadfruit has such a short shelf-life, most breadfruit goes uneaten, even in extremely malnourished communities.

CTI has developed a set of manually-operated tools that rural villagers can use to preserve fresh breadfruit as gluten-free flour.

The tools include a shredder, dryer and grinder. Each was designed for those at the bottom of the pyramid; people living rural communities where poverty, hunger and breadfruit are all prevalent. Breadfruit flour can be used in cookies, cakes, and many other products as a substitute or in addition to wheat flour, which is much more costly.

This year, we are helping Haitians open a bakery in Port au Prince which will sell products made with breadfruit flour being provided by rural enterprises. In the fall of 2012, the breadfruit equipment will be thoroughly tested at the Breadfruit Institute of the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Hawaii. We will use the data collected at the Breadfruit Institute and in Haiti to help community enterprises form economically viable business models.

Breadfruit Shredder


CTI's manually-operated shredder produces small shreds of breadfruit that are optimally shaped for quick drying. The shredder was developed after a decade of research and development by engineers at the University of Saint Thomas (UST). The shredder can be operated by hand, but is also capable of being motorized.

Breadfruit Drier


After they are shredded, the breadfruit strips must be dried quickly to prevent spoiling. A team of students and professors from UST are collaborating with CTI to develop a drying structure that will protect the breadfruit shreds from rain, dirt, pests and moderate winds. The low-cost, portable shredder was originally designed by CTI volunteers, who were awarded first place in a 2012 breadfruit dryer design contest sponsored by UST and a private donor. The drier is currently being built at the University and will undergo field tests at the National Tropical Botanical Garden in the fall of 2012.

bike grinder

Pedal-Powered Grinder

Dried breadfruit strips can be ground into flour by villagers using CTI's pedal-powered grinder. CTI's grinder produces much finer breadfruit flour than more expensive, commercial mills. Breadfruit flour is gluten free and can be used in a number of products including snack foods, pasta and cookies. We can provide a number of recipes for delicious breadfruit flour-based foods that were developed by our volunteer researchers and food scientist.

Collaborators: University of Saint Thomas School of Engineering, National Tropical Botanical Garden, Trees that Feed Foundation