Emerging Technologies

Emerging TechnologiesThere are many possibilities for new innovations that can help eliminate extreme hunger and poverty. But because the unique challenges faced by the rural poor, few technologies already exist that are appropriate for farmers living in developing countries.

CTI designs affordable, effective technologies for communities that have been overlooked by mainstream engineering.

Collaborating with small farmers

When developing a solution to help farmers with a particular crop or process, we start by researching and evaluating existing solutions, delving through literature and consulting with agronomists. Relying on information collected during conversations and surveys with villagers, CTI’s design team determines whether there’s an existing solution that meets the criteria of the farmers. When no such device exists, we design new tools or make improvements upon existing technologies. Many of our tools and programs are designed for women, who do the bulk of the farming in most poor communities. Prototypes are evaluated by women and designs are modified by CTI until an affordable, effective, rugged and culturally-appropriate technology is developed.

Our team

Our technologies are designed by a team of accomplished engineers and researchers, many of whom are volunteers. If you have an idea or want to help us create the next life-changing technology, reach out by emailing cti@compatibletechnology.org

Groundnut ToolsGroundnut Tools
A set of tools being developed for harvesting, stripping and shelling groundnuts (also known as peanuts). 

Pepper Eater 
A device that shreds dried peppers into higher-value flakes while limiting contact with hot pepper dust and oil.

BreadfruitBreadfruit Tools
A set of manually-operated tools that rural villagers can use to preserve fresh breadfruit as flour.