Cool Storage Shed

Cool Store

Farmers can extend the shelf-life of their fruits and vegetables by storing their crops in CTI’s Cool Storage Shed.

The brick structure is built over a pool of water and uses evaporating water to lower the temperature of the shed and preserve fruits and vegetables. The sheds can be built by farmers using affordable, locally available materials. In addition to preserving food, the shred can be used to grow mushrooms or raise fish.

When a farmer can save perishable crops, just 1, 2 or 3 additional months, she can sell her harvest in the off season, when market prices are much higher. Additionally, farmers using the storage shed have more time to process their crops into value-added products. The cool storage shed is currently used in India, where it’s enabled farmers to triple their earnings.

Maize Crib

Maize Crib

A simple maize storage structure that a family can build using local materials that cost very little money.

Maize cribs store and dry maize on the cob after harvest. Maize cribs are elevated four feet off the ground and have guards to prevent rodents from climbing up the support poles. Side slats allow breezes to flow through and dry the maize.

Grain Silo

Grain Silo

Grain silos keep maize stored safely away from insects, rodents and other pests.

The silos provide long-term storage for roughly 400-500 kg of shelled maize. The silos permit small growers to safely keep their crop for consumption by their families and for occasional sales to small companies or neighbors in non-harvest periods of the year. Local artisans can fabricate metal silos and sell them to maize growers at an affordable price.

In Guatemala, many silos have been purchased by families with micro-credit organizations. Loans were usually paid back in one season due to the late season increase in the market price of maize.

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