Potato Tools

Potato Tools

In developing countries, potato farmers have a very short time—often as little as just one month—before their crops spoil in the heat and humidity.

Without a way to preserve their harvest, farmers are forced to sell quickly, and at very low prices, or they risk losing everything.

CTI has developed affordable storage technology and manually-operated tools that are give farmers an opportunity to make a decent living from their harvest. Villagers use the technologies to preserve their crops and process their potatoes into higher-value snack foods, which are sold in local markets.

For more information on CTI's potato processing technologies, contact us at cti@compatibletechnology.org.

Cool Store

Cool Storage Shed

Farmers can triple the shelf-life of their potatoes and other vegetables without the use of fuel or electricity using our inventive cool storage shed.

The crops are stored in a ventilated structure over a pool of water. As the water evaporates, the air temperature cools and preserves stored crops. The sheds can be built by farmers using affordable, locally available materials.

The ability to preserve their crops empowers farmers—giving them the option of selling their harvest in the off season, when market prices are much higher. Additionally, farmers using the storage shed have more time to process their crops into value-added products. The cool storage shed is currently used in India, where it's enabled farmers to triple their earnings.

Potato Peeler

Potato Peeler

CTI's peeler removes skins from potatoes so they can be sliced, cut and dried.

It is constructed from a barrel that is lined with an abrasive material. As it is rotated, the potatoes tumble and rub against the abrasive material until they are fully peeled. Farmers can operate the peeler by hand or it can be motorized for a higher output.

Potato Slicer

Potato Slicer

The potato slicer enables farmers to make and sell higher-value potato chips and strings.

The device thinly slices large quantities of potatoes, which can then be consumed or dried and sold in the market. The slicer can be bicycle powered or motorized.

Sliced potatoes can be dried in the sun and preserved as chips or ground into potato flour. Converting potatoes into chips or strings allows farmers and entrepreneurs to earn higher incomes.