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Women and girls living in the developing world spend most of their day farming and preparing food for their families by hand. They work for hours grinding their crops with rudimentary, inefficient hand tools like mortar and pestles or stones.

CTI’s grinders are affordable hand-operated burr mills that produce flour from grains and make a creamy paste from roasted nuts.

Whether making creamy peanut butter, cocoa butter, maize or millet flour, or dozens of other products, CTI's grinders work phenomenally. They're equipped with our intricately designed, heat-treated burrs that never require sharpening and withstand long-term wear—rarely requiring replacements.

The grinders were designed to help families in developing countries process crops for home consumption or for small enterprises.

  • Reduce drudgery
  • Produce high-quality, value-added products
  • Provide a means for microenterprises
  • Inspire more nutritious diets

CTI's grinders have enabled women to start businesses selling high-value ground products in the market, they help kids pay for school fees, and they're even used to bring back severely malnourished children from the brink of starvation.

Ewing IV Grinder

Ewing Grinder

CTI's Ewing IV Grinder is a hand-operated, light-weight, robust burr mill. The Ewing Grinder comes equipped with heat-treated burrs that do not require sharpening or replacement (under normal use).
  • $265 with all proceeds (30%) supporting CTI's mission, or
  • $180 to those purchasing the grinder for humanitarian or development purposes
Ewing Grinder Operator Manual (PDF)