U.S.  Staff


Alexandra Spieldoch

Executive Director

Alexandra joined CTI as Executive Director in 2013. She brings over 20 years of experience in international policy and development and has been a major contributor to numerous articles and books related to global governance, gender and food security, rural livelihoods and sustainable development. Prior to CTI, Alexandra served as director of the Trade and Global Governance program at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) and global coordinator of the Network of Women Ministers and Leaders in Agriculture (NWMLA). As a global leader, she travels to numerous countries throughout Africa, Latin America and Asia and has organized and participated in high-level events at the United Nations, the European Rural Development Forum and the World Trade Organization. She lived in France and Argentina and speaks both French and Spanish. She received her B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis, and her M.A. in International Policy from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. She also has a certificate in business from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Rouen.



Judy Hawkinson

Director of Philanthropy and Outreach

Judy joined CTI as Director of Philanthropy in April 2016. She has 30 years in the nonprofit sector as a fund development and marketing professional, with expertise in developing and expanding major gifts programs, direct marketing, expanding corporate sponsorship and foundation support, and building visibility. She has a B.A. from Carleton College, a Certificate in Leadership in the New Millennium from Saint Catherine's University and she has taken coursework in nonprofit management at Hamline University. She also studied at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and language immersion in Antigua, Guatemala.



Meghan Fleckenstein

Communications & Grants Director

Meghan joined CTI in 2009 and leads CTI's communications and marketing activities, including the in-country branding and marketing of CTI's tools. In addition, Meghan manages CTI's grant activities—overseeing the writing and reporting to foundations and other philanthropic partners. Prior to joining CTI, Meghan received her Bachelor's degree in International Relations from Michigan State University, with a concentration in International Development. 



Nancy Korson

Adiminsistrative Assistant

Nancy joined CTI in 2017 after spending over 26 years in administrative municipal government office positions and 9 years in medical office positions. She has an Associate’s Degree in Human Services.



Dave Dupras

Project Manager - East Africa

David Dupras is a versatile food security specialist with more than 35 years of development experience dedicated to improving food production, incomes and living conditions for the people of Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central America, and Asia. He has led and worked on numerous teams to design, evaluate and implement activities to develop and support improved nutrition, on-farm and off-farm income generation and job creation for a variety of groups including women and at-risk youth. His expertise is in managing development activities in diversified sectors, including: Feed the Future value chain development, agri-business and trade development services, climate smart agriculture, rural employment, access to credit and finance, institutional and human capacity development, monitoring and evaluation and corporate social responsibility to create rural employment. Expertise in project and contract management for USAID and World Bank long- and short-term contracts.



Don Jacobson

Senior Technology Coordinator

Don Jacobson’s career as a biochemist focused on Research and Development at both the General Mills and Pillsbury companies in Minneapolis. The interesting, but complicated, story of Don’s career is how he managed to be the only person to work at both places twice — then retire with the summation of 31 years at both companies. Don’s career was derailed in 1995 by a brain aneurysm that required three years of rehabilitation at the Sister Kenny Institute, after which Don was rehired at Pillsbury. The brands that Don touched throughout his career were an eclectic combination, including: pet foods, soy-based meat analogues, coffee replacements, Bisquick™, Godfather’s Pizza™, microwave popcorn, potato processing, and Green Giant™ frozen vegetables. Don capped off his professional career in the research libraries of both companies doing literature and patent searches.



Vang Xiong


Vang joined CTI in the summer of 2015 for the Peace Engineering research project guided by CTI co-founder George Ewing and through the University of St. Thomas with Dr. Camille George. Following this project, Vang continued to work with CTI on a Co-op program working with prototyping, drafting drawings, and developing a new concept for the recent tools/equipment. He now spends his time at CTI modeling 3D figures and drafting manufacturing drawings to assist the manufacturer of CTI tools.

Senegal Staff


Aliou Ndiaye

Senegal Country Director

Aliou has many years of experience working with small farmers, Senegalese governmental organizations, international NGOs, and the private sector. He has worked as an advisor on agriculture and rural development with the Senegalese agencies SAED and ANCAR, training farmers to improve crop productivity, connecting them to the market and facilitating access to capital. Before joining CTI, Aliou worked as a Value Chain Manager for a USAID funded project focusing on sorghum and millet in Senegal. Aliou has a degree in Agricultural Engineering and a Master’s in Development Practice (MDP) at University Cheikh Anta Diop Dakar. Aliou is also a Geographic Information System specialist and has used this skill to gather important agricultural data throughout Senegal.



Astou Diogane Diouf

Marketing and Technical Assistant

Malawi Staff


Bupe Mulaga Mwakasungula

Malawi Project Manager

Bupe joined CTI in 2016 as Malawi Project Manager. She is a trained economist, bringing in-depth knowledge of developing the groundnut value chain, financial services in Malawi’s agricultural sector, public-private sector engagement and market linkages, as well as working with smallholder farmers. She received her Bachelor of Social Science in Economics from Chancellor College, and her Master of Science in Economics from the University of East Anglia.


Nicaragua Staff

Sergio Jesus Romero Alvarado

Nicaragua Project Manager

Sergio manages our safe water program in Nicaragua, where he helps rural communities gain affordable, clean drinking water. He trains village leaders to install CTI’s water chlorinators and test their water to ensure it’s safe to drink. Sergio’s work has earned him respect among village leaders, enabling CTI to provide sustainable, safe drinking water for thousands. Prior to joining CTI in 2009, Sergio led a 20 year career in public health as an epidemiologist with the Matagalpa Department of the Ministry of Health. He graduated with a degree in Professional Hygiene and Epidemiology from the Cienfuegos Health Polytechnic Institute in Cuba in 1985.

Marlon Castro Averruz

Water Chlorinator Technician

Marlon joined CTI in 2011 and is responsible for the installation and training of the water chlorinators. Marlon was the second member brought on to help support the increasing demand of a water treatment device for rural communities. Once a community has interest in installing a water chlorinator, Marlon meets with the community’s water committee leaders, walking them through the steps to install the water chlorinator while also teaching them important troubleshooting and maintenance items. Marlon’s passion for providing communities with clean water shows in his excellent and persistent work.

Sergio Noel Romero Largaegrada

Chlorine Tablet Technician

Sergio Noel joined CTI in 2014 and is responsible for tablet distribution, chlorine bank management, and follow-up service to installations in the Central and Northern regions of Nicaragua. Previously, he gathered survey data in communities using CTI’s Water Chlorinator. Sergio recently graduated from Matagalpa’s Agriculture University with a degree in Agricultural Engineering.

*The Nicaragua Clean Water Program is led by CTI, in partnership with EOS International. EOS leads day-to-day oversight of staff in-country.