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    Breadfruit: Superfood of the Future?

    National Geographic discusses CTI's work with Dr. Camille George on breadfruit, and how this green football-sized fruit could be the key to global food security.

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    Who is my neighbor?


    A recent PBS feature on CTI poses the question, "who are our neighbors?" Are they just the families on our block, or are we part of a global community?

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  • Millet

    Better Together: How Collaboration Spurs Innovation Adoption

    There is a growing demand for millet in Senegal—and small farmers have the opportunity to cash in, if they are able to produce quality grain in volume.

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CTI Grain Tools empower women & feed families

A new invention could revolutionize how farmers in the developing world process pearl millet grain. The tools were designed by nonprofit Compatible Technology International (CTI) to give entrepreneurs and small farmers the opportunity to improve their postharvest grain processing, increase their food production and raise their incomes.