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    CTI Releases 2014 Annual Report

    In 2014, CTI impacted 79,000 lives with our tools and services that raise incomes, boost food production, improve health and nutrition, and empower communities.

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    A quarter of a MILLION people gain safe water!

    Over the past four years, we teamed up with more than 400 villages to install CTI’s Water Chlorinator, and now, more than 250,000 people have gained clean drinking water for the first time in their history.

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    CTI & ANCAR partner to equip 50 villages in Senegal

    CTI is launching a program in Senegal to provide threshers and grinders to 50 farmers’ groups over the next 2 years. We’re partnering with ANCAR, an agricultural extension organization, with support from the World Bank.

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Our Approach

We create practical food and water tools that empower the global poor to better feed and support themselves.

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Technologies That Empower

We design innovative tools that help farmers harvest, store and process their crops, as well as gain access to clean drinking water.

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Sustainable Impact

We aren't interested in short-term solutions or handouts. Our technologies and programs provide sustainable pathways out of hunger and poverty.

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The Latest from Our Blog

CTI Grain Tools empower women & feed families

A new invention could revolutionize how farmers in the developing world process pearl millet grain. The tools were designed by nonprofit Compatible Technology International (CTI) to give entrepreneurs and small farmers the opportunity to improve their postharvest grain processing, increase their food production and raise their incomes.