Open Volunteer Positions



  • Admin/Office Assistant 

  • Tour Guide

  • Trainer

  • Volunteer Manager


If you are interested in any of the above volunteer opportunities, or want to learn about additional volunteer needs, fill out the volunteer survey and email:



CTI was founded by volunteers, and volunteers continue to be the engine of our organization. Our volunteers devote thousands of hours every year to fight hunger and poverty by giving their time and sharing their expertise in areas like research, engineering, fundraising, program management and more. 

CTI is has many ongoing volunteer needs, including the positions listed below. New volunteer opportunities frequently arrise, so If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out our volunteer survey and we will be in touch to fill you in on current opportunities. If you are interested in a volunteer position listed below, or if you have any questions, contact us at

Open Volunteer Positions 

Evening of Discovery Host - We need volunteers to share their passion for CTI with their friends and families by hosting an “Evening of Discovery” (EOD). At the EOD — which can be a dinner party, a cocktail party, dessert and coffee, etc — CTI staff and/or volunteers give a brief presentation about CTI. Guests are invited to support CTI at the event, but the “ask” is low key and low pressure. We can be very flexible and will work with you to make it an enjoyable event for all.

Grinder Trainers – Volunteer “Grinder Trainers” are needed to provide training on assembling, disassembling, troubleshooting on CTI’s grinders. Grinder Trainers will be called upon to provide training for organizations and individuals ordering grinders and will help organize “grinder build events” for groups.

Writer - CTI is looking for volunteers to research and write short articles about our activities, “case studies” about the impact of our technologies, and more. Website Content Manager - The web content manager will help edit CTI’s website, keeping it fresh with updated content. The volunteer will be trained to use Joomla, CTI’s CMS. Knowledge of Joomla is not necessary, but volunteers that are computer savvy and willing to learn are preferred.

Graphic Designer – Volunteer graphic designers are needed to help with several projects including designing CTI’s annual report, display boards, fact sheets, t-shirts and more.

Video Editor – CTI is looking for creative individuals to help produce and edit short videos highlighting CTI technologies, programs, and happenings in the shop. Experienced amateurs are welcome.