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    For my community

    “My Life has been difficult, but all the work I have done for my community has been worth it.” Angela Kuan, a 71-year-old Nicaraguan woman, helped her community install a CTI Water Chlorinator. The result was life-changing.

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  • PeneFils

    Engineering a path towards zero hunger

    What does manufacturing have to do with hunger? The answer isn’t obvious at first glance. But at a family-run manufacturing company in the city of Thies (pronounced chess), we’re seeing the connection firsthand.

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  • Can peanut farmers crack global poverty?

    Can peanut farmers crack global poverty?

    To Americans, peanuts are a simple food—a snack staple in ballparks and backpacks alike. But for millions of farmers in Malawi, this humble legume may offer a path out of poverty.

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We create practical food and water tools that empower the global poor to better feed and support themselves.

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We aren't interested in short-term solutions or handouts. Our technologies and programs provide sustainable pathways out of hunger and poverty.

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